Friday, July 04, 2014

Friday Funnies

Today for Friday Funnies, I offer up a video of Abigail. We were asking her to "count higher". But she just couldn't stop thinking that meant, literally, higher in physical setting -- not number.


Next, we jump to Sidge, who has in to joke telling. Here is a demonstration of that skill (or lack thereof). This is what we heard listening to Sidge in the backseat of the van on the way to our cousin's house for dinner. This all took place in about 45 seconds, and I transcribed the whole thing (from the passenger seat of course.)

Sidge: "Here's a really funny joke."
Me or JB: Okay."
Sidge: Why did the man want to sink?"
Me or JB: Why?"
Sidge: He just wanted to."

Sidge: "Why did the tree have monkeys on it?"

Me or JB: "Why?"

Sidge: "To get rid of banana germs."

Sidge: "Why did the light go blink-blink-blink?"

Me or JB: "Why?"
Sidge: "So the cars would stop and go and stop."

Sidge: "Why did the building cross with the building?"

Me or JB: "Why?"

Sidge: "To go block, block, block."

Me or JB: "Really?"

Sidge: "Actually, I' don't know."

Sidge: "Dad, how many jokes do you know?"

Me or JB: "Hmmmm ... that's a good question."

Isaac: "Like, infinity."

Sidge: "Why did the gas station take gas out of cars?"

Me or JB: "Why?"

Sidge: "So they couldn't go home."

Sidge: "Here's a funny joke."

Me or JB: "Really?"

Sidge: "Maybe."

Me or JB: "Okay."

Sidge: "Why did the sign hop on a car?"

Me or JB: "Why?"

Sidge: "To make a sign car."

Sidge: "Why did the person want to get smashed?"

Me or JB: "Why?"

Sidge: "Because he wanted to feel how it was to be flat."


Another question Sidge asked me this weekend: How do you make friends if you don't talk to strangers? He also asked, "Do bird sit on clouds?"


JB just got back from his first shift as an emergency medicine doctor. 
Sidge: "Did some people have the throw up?" 
JB: "Yes."
Sidge: "Did they throw up on you?" 
JB said, thankfully, no.

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