Monday, July 21, 2014

A Few Fun Notes

Life has been interesting as of late. Here are just a few "big" things that have been going on:

1) We found out that our stuff is scheduled for delivery on July 29th! We are so incredibly excited to finally have everything we own in one place. We have been without our things since the beginning of April, and our delivery was supposed to have occurred before June 3rd. Please pray that our stuff does in fact come. In addition, please pray that there is no mold in our shipment. Another gal on our boat received her goods and they were nearly all completely destroyed by mold. It's been a terrible thing for her, and we are just hoping and praying our's doesn't include the same problems.

2) I gave my talk to the MOPs group in Japan last week and it seemed to go very well. Other than the fact that I screwed up the time change slightly and almost missed the talk (gulp!) and then Skype wasn't connecting properly, everything seemed to go off without a hitch.

3) A few months ago I submitted a few of my infertility pieces to Bethany's Stepping Stones, a support group for women dealing with infertility. One of my pieces has already been published. And then, yesterday, I received an email from their publisher. They are submitting two of my pieces to Christianity Today. Not sure what this means right now, but they asked me to be available for an interview so we'll see what happens.

4) Hannah is walking!

5) We have started a new homeschool curriculum. I will be including a lot of information on this in the weeks/months/year to come so stay tuned.

6) We found a church just one mile from our house that seems like a great fit for our family.

7) JB is really enjoying his new ER job! More to come on that too.

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