Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Funnies

Okay folks, let's get your guesses! What does the new ER doctor have on his head?! Leave a comment!

My father commented on my last "Friday Funnies" that Sidge seems to dominate the funnies. I think that is true. Abigail is just starting to say funny things, but her's are still too subtle to always capture on Friday Funnies. Isaac is a bit older and not making the "play on language" statements that little brother is. He also has a dryer sense of humor which is sometimes harder to put onto page. I often get something that I think I can put on Friday Funnies -- but when I try to write it, I just can't get the funny to come across very clearly. So for now, I suppose we'll let Sidge steal the show. Here's some Sidge -- with a little bit of Abigail.


Yesterday Sidge asked me to help him build a rocket out of legos.
Me: "Um, I think I need a picture to do that. I'm not a master builder. I need a picture."
Sidge: "No problem. I have a picture right in my mind."


Sidge and I were working through this worksheet below:

Me: "What do you put flowers in?
Sidge: "A flower?"
Me: "No. What do you put it in?"
Sidge: "A vase."
Me: "Okay. Now, read number 2. You like to eat me. What am I?"
Sidge: "A plate?"
Me: "A plate! Sidge! No. What would you eat in that picture?"
Sidge: "Oh. A cake."
Me: "Right. Number three. I fix a torn page. What am I?"
Sidge: "Toilet paper."
Me: "Seriously?"
Sidge: "Okay, tape."
Me: "And number four. What do you use to pile leaves?"
Sidge: "A game? Ha ha. Isn't that funny Mommy?"

It wasn't until the last one that I realized he'd been pulling my leg the entire time.


JB pretended to eat Abigail's pillow. "Oh mannnnn," Abigail said. "You gotta be kidding me."


Abigail asked to put her play stethoscope on my heart. "It's still beeping," she replied.


Kelly V. said...

Lol. Girls swimsuit? ;)

Lou said...

I think that this is the babies swim suit

Anonymous said...

It is a girls one piece tutu.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to add my name to my guess.
I said one piece tutu


Mie said...

My girls have those suits and have for 3-4 years (different colors, but this year purple like yours!).

Lisa b :) said...

Dance tutu or swimsuit that has a tutu. Too funny.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yes! It is a purple girls swimsuit with tutu attachment!

Joia said...

This is THE BEST picture. Ever.