Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Things that made me smile this week

Isaac was so proud of the 300 piece puzzle he did all by himself to earn 100 nickels! The boys save coins to purchase all the legos they want. We actually now are doing a penny equals a penny! So if they want to buy a $10 lego set, they have to actually save $10. Sidge and Isaac wanted to buy a $13 set. They both managed to save $6.50 for doing odd jobs, chores, and puzzles or other difficult tasks. Isaac spent nearly a week working on this puzzle and did every single piece by himself. So proud of him!

This picture of Abigail cracked me up. She and Sidge were playing with these battery-operated guns. She was taking it so seriously (while dressed up in a Tinkerbell dress.) This picture so accurately represents our little girl. All girl (with big brothers rubbing off regularly.)

Here is Scrubs occupying his very favorite place in our house -- under the high chair. And there is our awesome table lying on the ground because the hardware never shoed up for it. The chairs also have to be either replaced or redone due to mold from the move.

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