Friday, August 22, 2014

Nashville Zoo Homeschool Days

Once a month, The Nashville Zoo hosts homeschoolers at the zoo. They have a one hour class for different age categories. Abigail is too young, but I signed up the boys for a 5 and 6 year old class that they went and took yesterday. Because we are zoo members, it is only $6 for a one hour class on a different animal topic. Yesterday they got to meet and discuss a skunk and a sand boa and an ostrich

The zoo gives us pre-activity worksheets and things to discuss and then follows that up with materials we can use after their class.

As usual, my boys, especially Sidge, was nervous about a new activity. But because they have each other, they can usually get over the initial discomfort. Even more impressive was that both boys loved the class and asked if they can do the one next month too.

Grama, JB, me and the girls all went to the zoo and spent the morning. We dropped the boys off for their class and did some of Abigail's favorites while they were in the class: the flamingoes and kangaroos. 

I have to tell you that one of my absolute FAVORITE parts about homeschooling is the fact that we can do all these fun things while other kids are in school. Nothing is crowded. And because JB works different days, we can go as a family in the middle of the week, to nearly anywhere for an educational opportunity. Just love that!

I also LOVE how popular homeschooling is becoming. Supposedly, the city we live in, has a very high proportion of homeschoolers. Honestly, the activities are so numerous, I have to just stop listening to suggestions. There are so many things offered that you could honestly do two things a day every day of the week and still not participate in everything.

One woman actually hosts an art day at the park. You meet there, make a donation, and she provides all the materials to make that day's craft. Another woman, a certified P.E. teacher, meets at a gym once a week and offers a P.E. class. In the beginning of September, we are going to try a music class taught by a church worship director just for homeschool kids.

Even better is that all of these things are designed for the family. They are used to little siblings being in tow and those siblings are welcome at any event. The music class teacher told me that Abigail and Hannah can totally be present -- as long as they are not a distraction.

Really enjoying spending days with my kids doing these fun things!

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