Thursday, August 07, 2014

County Fair

A County Fair? 

Why yes, I think we will!

We are so enjoying participating in all of the quintessentially American activities that we have never really gotten to do with our children. While we have experienced some other, very amazing opportunities, our hearts have still just missed the things we love about our home country. 

So when we realized that Tuesday evening was "get in free with 2 canned goods donations", we decided to go for it. It started late for us. (6pm is late when your kids go to bed around 7pm). We all didn't get home and in bed until almost 10pm! Egads!

Here are some pictures and fun stories to go with our evening:

What's a county fair without putting your face in a whole and saying "cheese."

Like brother, like brother.

If you are going to a fair with JB for your husband, plan on getting random pictures of things like this. We definitely had to stop and see all the plants and animals -- even the dead ones.

There was a fantastic display of large construction and emergency vehicles and the kids were allowed to climb on any of them! (And it wasn't crowded so no real waiting in line.)

That's Isaac behind the wheel.

While all of the kids enjoyed the trucks, it was actually Abigail who liked them the most. She was having a blast climbing and pushing and pulling on every lever she could get her hands on. 

Can't you just picture this girl on a farm?

Cutest story of the night. Our little Abigail who is so incredibly shy and is usually intimidated by everything, saw the ponies. She went running from them and was insistent on riding them. I told her that it cost $5 (highway robbery!) and that I didn't think we were going to ride them but that she could ask her Dad. Oh man, I had no idea what a Daddy's daughter was until that moment. She walked right back into the building on a mission to find her Daddy. When she found him, she gave him a big hug and told him, "They's ponies but Mommy said too much money!" Hmmmm ... guess who she talked into a pony ride? Honestly, I am so glad we did it because I have never really seen Abigail get passionate about participating in ANYthing and those horses just won her over. JB said that he doesn't want a horse on our farm because they are basically expensive animals that don't have much return on their money. But something tells me Abigail could convince him otherwise.

I have no idea what Abigail is doing here, but I just love this photo of her. I also love seeing my DOUBLE BOB in a photo! Thank the Lord it made it one piece in our shipment. So glad to get that back!

This picture is hard to see, but that is Isaac on the back of this ride. Because Abigail got to do a pony, we decided to let the boys each pick one ride. Isaac picked a fairly scary kids tug boat that did some dizzy stuff. I asked him if he was okay in riding it himself because I know JB HATES dizzy rides, and I also know that in my old age, I've begun to like them less and less. He was fine with riding himself, and it was one of those moments as a parent that you realize your little guy is growing up. He totally went up there and rode this thing all by himself. I was really proud of him! Sidge opted for a much more relaxed ride on a little plane with a gun. "I picked that because I could say vroom, vroom," he told me.

We ended the night listening to some country music sung by a family. They were really good! I still can't believe that JB and I now have FOUR kids! It's just so incredible to me the miracles in our life.

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Nancy Gritter said...

There is NOTHING like a small town country fair! What a FUN time! Loved the pictures and the "pony" story! Dads and their daughters! A special bond for sure! :) N