Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A day with Shea

Yesterday, Mom and I and the kids drove up to Kentucky to spend a few hours with my old friend Shea. Shea and I were in college together and played basketball for WKU together. She went on to play overseas and in the WNBA. (She was way better than me!) She now has a farm with her husband and two sons. 

What a fabulous day we had! We swam in the creek, in their pond, rode the 4-wheeler and the Rhino, had hot dogs, fed the horses and fishes, and even stopped at Jackson's Orchard for some fun play time. 

There are friends you make that you just know will be your friend forever. Shea is one of those friends. So wonderful to hang out with her. 

Here are a few quick photos Mom managed to get on Shea's phone:

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