Saturday, August 09, 2014

Christian Genocide

This week in our homeschool lesson we read the martyrdom story of Polycarp from the book Trial and Triumph. I explained to the boys what a Christian martyr was. "It's a person who dies because they believe in Jesus," I explained.

"Does that happen in America," Sidge asked.

"It doesn't usually happen in America right now," I explained. "But it happens in other countries."

Sidge sighed deeply. "I don't want to live in those places," he said.

Me either.

I've sat on this for a bit now -- sort of not acknowledging what is happening in Iraq. But I think we need to stop not talking about this and start spreading the word, hopefully, subsequently, forcing our government's hand in the Middle East.

Please click here to watch a video discussing the Christian genocide occurring in Iraq right now.

I really believe we are just NOT talking about this enough right now.

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Jake Olson said...

This video series, while not focusing on the intersection of ISIS with Christians - was a huge eye-opener.

It's also very telling to see that these barbarians are primarily using equipment first given to the Iraqi soldiers by the United States to advance their Islamic State.