Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wee-wind Wednesday

What was I doing on this day just two years ago? Hard to believe but our little Abigail was about the age that Hannah is now. She had just turned one and was majorly keeping me on my toes as you can see from this post here. 

I love children. I love all children. But this week JB and I discussed babies. We decided that four babies in five years is a lot. We are just a bit tired of hiding cords and childproofing cabinets and making sure there are no choking hazards. We have been changing diapers without stopping since May of 2008, and we think that upon Hannah's potty-training we shall bid them farewell without hesitation. We love our children, but we think we love when they are not babies a LOT!

We might adopt again, but unless the Lord knocks us upside the head, we think that Hannah will be the last baby in our house.

Famous last words, right?

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