Monday, August 11, 2014

Mold ... Mildew ... Grrrr ....

I'm not going to begin to complain about the mold and mildew damage we got with our shipment. Most of the other people on our boat suffered extensive damage and had to turn away their entire shipment. All in all, our damage was much less. My guess is that about 20% of our items were effected by the mold/mildew. It was an inconvenience and frustrating but not a total loss in any sense of the word.

We are working with the claims department to get reimbursed for all damaged items. I thought I'd show a few photos to show what we are dealing with. A few bigger items will be a total loss including our bed and the boys beds and our dining room chairs. Our handmade rugs were effected and are going to be cleaned at a specialty store in Nashville.

We also had quite a few items damaged in the move that will have to be fixed or claimed as well. I've realized that with these types of things, the time and inconvenience involved is a much larger factor than anything else!

JB's medical bag!

Hard to see but most of these photos are completely glued to this frame. I had to just throw the whole thing away.

See the rust on half of this clock! Strangest thing.

Cedark plank we cook on.

A lot of our frames had this type of damage on the back.

Another one of JB's bags.

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