Saturday, August 16, 2014

What We're Up To

Abigail Grace has been obsessed with coloring and obsessed with flamingos. And so, what better thing for her to color than flamingos that I print off of the computer? I don't like to say my kid is gifted, but I will say that at three, she colors better than her brothers. The girl loves to color -- mostly with markers. She also enjoys playing with Hannah any chance she gets (she is obsessed with her too) and playing with her brothers. (Although she has discovered that she has the power to push their buttons and has been doing that quite fervently recently.)

Showing off her picture for JB. While he is at work I like to send him pics of what the kids are doing that day. 

Hannah is into EVERY... THING! Here she is discovering that the stack of puzzles would be a good toy to get into. I didn't catch her until she had opened a fifth box and combined all the pieces. Had to find a closet for those. She is at that age that every day I am figuring out a new place for things or a new way to keep her out of somewhere else. She is getting ready to turn one and walking and nearly running everywhere.

The boys got summer hair cuts, and I think they look mighty handsome! They are busy obsessing about legos and doing their homeschool. They are truly the very best of friends and fight very little. They just love doing everything together, and I love seeing their brotherhood develop!

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