Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tante (Aunt) Jan visits

My Tante Jan (my mom's sister) is on the way to visit her son Eddie and his family. I was so honored that she would stop in to visit us for two days. I looked back to figure out the last time we saw them. It was in May of 2010 -- just a few short months before we left for Turkey! The only other time that they had met our children was in August of 2008 when I took Isaac on a visit to the Chicago area so that my family could have a baby shower for me. (I ended up being pregnant with Sidge at the same time for this Isaac baby shower!)

JB had to work nights both days she was here. And Grama was over at Ray & Gabbi's house. So .... I had Tante Jan to spend the whole day with. We went to the homeschoolers hour at the Christian gymnastics studio down the street with all the kiddos. Then we went to the pool, and finished up with Tante Jan treating us all to a make-your-own-frozen-yogurt at a local place I had been wanting to try.

Taking over the nightly reading (Scrubs thought this part was embarrassing).

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying getting to hug ... in person ... all these people that I haven't seen since we left for Turkey. It feels so wonderful to feel like I live by those I love again!

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