Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Cool Updates

In addition to the fact that we are preparing to move to Turkey, there are some other cool things "in the works" in my life that I wanted to share. Not only do I want to share about these possibilities, but I want to ask you to be praying for me (and them) as well.
  • I, along with two other ladies, am in the "talking stage" with an online publishing company about the possibility of a book on infertility. I had mentioned this previously on my blog and it continues to take shape. I will continue to keep those who read my blog apprised of this possibility, but I ask you to pray that if the Lord wants to bring this together, he guides the steps of all involved.
  • I am continuing to work on my own book. I have tentatively titled it: Our Scrubby: and his brothers from different mothers. Right now I am at about 10,000 words. (While books vary greatly in size, most typically run between 50,000 to 100,000 words to give you a rough estimate of how much I have written.) I have a long way to go but your prayers that the Lord would continue to give me the words, the time, and the heart for this would be greatly appreciated.
  • The Lord has been giving JB and I a vision for something exciting regarding adoption. While I am not ready to share all the details on the blog yet, I am excited about where He is leading us. (And no, it does not include us adopting again anytime soon.) Stay tuned for more information. (And no asking me about it until I bring it up. You just have to be patient and wait and see.)
  • We have a renter for our condo! Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray that Lord guides us in whether to rent or sell our home in Minnesota in the future.


denise said...

oooh, I'm so interested in the infertility book updates! LMK if you need any insight from an IVF then multiples aspect.

Stacy said...

So excited for you and the possible writing opportunities you have in the works. I have a dream of writing a devotional book someday, but it seems like a long ways off. Please keep us posted! I'll tell everyone about it :)