Sunday, July 18, 2010

More tri's

So proud of my best buddy Kristi. She and her husband Lee participated in a triathlon in Santa Fe yesterday. Kristi did well especially considering she has been nursing a foot injury and has really only been biking and swimming in preparation. And Lee. Well that Lee. He won the whole thing!

I'm really praying that my feet continue to improve. Kristi and I are hoping that sometime in 2011 when JB and I make a return trip to the States, Kris and I can find a triathlon to do together somewhere.

There are also a bunch of them in Turkey that I am trying to talk her into as well!

Kristi and I talked yesterday from my vacation site. For those of you that I do talk to on the phone regularly (which isn't a lot of people since I am not a big phone person), I wanted to let you all know that I will be able to talk while in Turkey. We will definitely have SKYPE and are also looking into something with Vonage. We have decided, for now at least, to wait until we get there to work out the details. We just don't feel like trying to figure out anything else that we don't have to before we leave.

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