Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sugar Sands Sweetness

Elijah has really been coming into his own on this trip. I think, overnight it seems, he has made the transition from baby to boy. He is saying more and more words and is very attune to what we are asking or telling him. He talks to Isaac, loves to be with him all the time, and is quite the big boy. The other day at the park a little guy one year older than him looked up at Elijah and said, "You can't come up here. You're a baby." We laughed since Elijah was towering over him. He is enjoying reading books and especially enjoys touching anything in nature. He really has slowed down a bit, and while his temper can still get the best of him, he has definitely not been as "determined" as he was during his first fifteen months. He really seems like he is going to be a "gentle giant."

Our little Isaac playing in the house of mirrors. He continues to talk like crazy, is now counting to six by himself and ten with a bit of guidance, and can sing the ABC's with a bit of prompting as well. He continues to have the sweetest spirit and has often evoked the comment that he is an "old soul." I don't believe in reincarnation ... but I agree. He seems wise beyond his years and just seems to understand how life needs to be played. He has started to test our follow-thru abilities, and he will sometimes require quite a few repercussions before he decides that we really mean business. He loves all automobiles and his current movie of choice is definitely CARS. He has started to sing and seems to favor Dad and Mom on an equal basis.

Playing on the swings at the park. I believe these are handicapped swings but my boys love them. This only lasted for a few minutes. Isaac quickly determined that he should be on the blue one. They seem to stay together at the park which is helpful for me. Especially when it is a big park.

When we were done, we took two rides on the Carousal. This is a county park which means they weren't trying to rip you off. Tokens were only $1 and both boys gave their token to the attendant with great excitement. While Elijah is still trying to figure out the carousal thing, Isaac has decided that he loves it.

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