Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkey Joe's

Today we went to Monkey Joe's with Joni, Gabbi, and our cousins. It's an indoor bounce house place for kids. We had buy one get one free coupons so it was not too expensive. While a summer camp was dominating the "big kid" section, the small kid section (under 4) was nearly empty. We had some fun times. Here are me and Elijah lounging around before Elijah decides to attack me again.

Fun times in the little kids' section.

Cousins Nate and Grace joined us for some fun times.

Lego time with Gracie.

Solo lego time.

Cousin Nate and Grace joined us on the small side quite a bit because the big size was overwhelmed with camp kids.

Isaac jumping.

A rare capture of an Isaac smile.

Elijah telling Joni a story.
Isaac is quite the little acrobat. He would touch his toes and land on his feet! Seriously. He did it over and over and over again. Joni used the action setting and really captured some good shots of him jumping.

Another one.

I really think we are going to put this kid in some gymnastics classes if they have them in Turkey.

Elijah in a hand-me-down shirt from big cousin Nate.


Ebby Ray said...

Wendi - Do you have my phone number? Be sure to call me and not Ronnie if someone wants to see the condo. He leaves in the morning )Tuesday) for Cambodia and really won't be able to show the condo from there. :) I work until 5:00 each day, but can show it anytime after that or on the weekends. I could also meet someone quick on my lunch break since I am near downtown.

Let me know if you need my information. Hope all is going well. Give everyone hugs and kisses for me.

Love you!!

Brittny said...

i miss that lil ole chubba wub!!!! and way to go isaac! doing tricks AND smiling for the camera. i miss you wendi. doing well, but these photos made me want you to come back home. but i'm VERY excited for you guys too!!! and if you came back home that would mean we'd have to rewind and we'd never make it to third year or out of residency and i'm ready for that to happen. SO keep going where you're going and i'll keep checking out your photos. love you guys!!!!