Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July

JB's Mom decided that since we will be gone for Christmas this year, Christmas should be in July! She invited everyone who was in town for "Christmas in July" yesterday at her house. Everyone knew about it but us, and we were blown away when we walked inside. She had a tree up and all the Christmas decorations and Christmas toys for the kids. She even made a Turkey dinner. Elizabeth made her famous Cranberry Sauce and Gabbi did a Cheesecake. How awesome is that?

Some of the decorations to celebrate Christmas early.

Here is Dad videotaping Elijah and Nathan playing with the manger scene.

JB's grandmother was there for the dinner. She lives in Miami but has been spending more time with Dad and Mom as her health has been declining. It was great to see her. She seemed like she was really enjoying watching the kids. Isaac thought she was the greatest. He brought this toolman's hat to her and asked her to wear it. She was a good sport.

Isaac giving Grama every snowball he can find for her to hold. She had about three dozen balanced on her legs before we relieved her.
The closest picture we could get to all four grandkids with Grama. Isaac wanted nothing to do with this. He was way too busy playing with the manger. (Also, see Grama's soft blue socks? Elijah took them off of her at one point. Oh and both boys rolled the foot stool out from under her feet at one point or another.)

Rita L. gave my mother-in-law this Frosty the Snowman years ago for her grandkids to enjoy. And enjoy they did. Frosty sings and dances and twirls an icicle around. The boys were obsessed with it. They stood and watched him for nearly an hour straight. They also each took a turn getting hit in the face by Frosty's icicle.

Elijah: "Hey Isaac? Is this thing freaking you out as much as it is freaking me out?"

This Frosty guy (thanks Rita!) filled much of our evening.

Grama with JB. This is JB's only grandparent that is still alive.

Aunt Danielle (Matt's wife) and JB's sister Elizabeth.

Uncle Grant with Uncle Ray and Aunt Gabbi


Brittny said...

that is the nicest thing i've heard in a long time. how awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool surprise! And it's something you can remember at Christmas time when you're not able to be with them.