Thursday, July 01, 2010

Adoption and Pregnancy

Very interesting video on pregnancy after adoption. I found this to be a very fair representation of this "medical mystery." What I especially like is when the host says she hears about this "all the time" and the expert says: "You hear about it because it's the exception not the rule." So true!

In addition, another expert says that the stress of infertility is equivalent to cancer ... quite interesting.

This couple's story is nearly identical to our's. Quite interesting and well worth the watch!


Anonymous said...

How true!

Jess said...

I hear about it because it doesn't happen often!

I like to say to people who comment about it on our end that "sure sure, it was either a coincidence and always happens like that OR it was the three perfect embryos they put in my uterus. You pick!" :)

Jess said...

Alright, watched it to the end all the way (which I shoudl have done before commenting I guess, huh?)....

I call B.S. on stress being a cure-all. Which...I think we all know but it's certainly how they make it seem! I have NEVER, EVER been as stressed as I was when I knew we might be picked for real (we turned out being the only ones interviewed) during our IVF cycle, and then even MORESO when I found out I was pg and were waiting for betas and worrying about what/when to tell. And that's the cycle that worked! Also...I'm certainly not uptight this time around ttc again...and here I am, still infertile.

I wish more emphasis was put on the fact that SURE stress can play a part (absent periods....isn't EXACTLY unexplained IF, is it?) but sometimes plays no part. Most people aren't stressed about infertility till they ARE infertile, after all!

Amy T. S. said...

I also didn't like the emphasis they placed at the end on stress being a major contributing factor to infertility. I was more stressed during our adopted son's first few months of life than ever, and that is when we conceived. What is unstressful about your whole life changing through adoption after years of infertility? Nothing.

BUT I did like how they dispelled the myth about pregnancy being so common after adoption.

Thanks, Wendi! (And mom for referring me to this. I missed it.)