Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaac Speaks from S. Florida

It's been a long time since the big brother had an opportunity to speak his mind. After an extended absence, today, I return!

Today was a cool day in the life of Isaac. I think Ewijah and cousin Charwee liked it as well.

Today was the first day that Daddy was free from having to study for his big test. No studying for him! We decided to go to The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery. We went in "our dan" (aka "van") with our family. Papa was watching cousin Charwee today since her Daddy started a new job. They came in a separate car. The Museum was "Doni's" idea. And she lives right be it. So she came too in her own car.

We had so much fun! My Mommy said a field trip in the mornings is an important part of her sanity. She thinks that me and my brudder fight a bit too much if we are in the house together. I don't know what she's talking about, but I like the idea of field trips.

Want proof of how fun the museum was? Look no further. My "Doni" took pictures!

1. They have this cool area for kids to play. Even big kids. Like Daddy.

2. They let the grown-ups come in and play with us little kids. This is quite important as the grown-ups are the ones who can blow big bubbles that the little kids can pop. I liked the bubbles. But Ewijah liked them even more. Check him out:

3. I think bubbles are fun and all. But I think Ewijah got a bit carried away. Take a look at this picture below to see it for yourself. Chill out Ewijah.

4. They have a cool tree-house exhibit that is a lot easier to climb up than it is to climb down. I didn't waste my time with it because, well, I'm Isaac, and Isaac likes to do his own thing. I don't really appweciate when people try to get me to do something that isn't on my schedule. Proof of the fact that it was hard to climb down could be evidenced by the fact that my Mommy and Papa had to recruit a tiny teenager to go and retrieve Charwee from the throngs of the tree.

5. Mommy loves organization. Her absolute favorite thing at the whole museum was the "orange factory." While we kiddos thought it was cool, don't get me wrong, Mommy got a little obsessed with it in my opinion. At the orange factory, you could pedal a bike to create power which would move "oranges" up a conveyor belt. (They were just orange balls but I think my Mommy thought that they were real oranges.) From there, the balls would land in a tray that you could put on a conveyor belt. Those oranges then plopped out of a fake tree while the trays came out in a different section and were returned to start the whole process all over again. Mommy loved it. Charwee liked the balls a lot.

6. Having Daddy with us at the Museum was so exciting. He and I did a lot of fun things together. Here we are sending construction blocks up a conveyor belt. I was good at this.

7. Ewijah liked driving the car. He and Charwee would fight over it even though it had two steering wheels. Siwwy Charwee and Ewijah.

8. Papa tried out a new style at the Museum. I'm not sure that carrying a purse is really a good fit for him, but he humored Joni and carried her purse for a bit while she was taking pictures. He was a good sport.

9. I often recruited "Doni" to do all the things that Daddy or Mommy didn't want to do. (Or things that they said they were "too big" to do. What's with that?) Here is Joni climbing through a tunnel. What a sport she is!

10. We brought just the one double stroller, but it worked perfectly. I did a good job walking when Charwee and Ewijah wanted to hog the stroller.

11. While everyone was busy in the tree house and with the bubbles and making orange juice, I spent most of the morning pushing this tractor round and round. Mommy had to talk me into giving turns to other kids, and while they rode, I pushed them! What a good sharer I am.

In other news, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is very good. We went there for dinner with Big Keef and AD. While we were there, two guys were so curious as to how tall our family was that they sent one of them to measure themselves against us. Mommy told them they should just ask us how tall we were instead of trying to be sneaky since they didn't do a very good job at sneaky.
Oh and Miss Nancy, the Grama of The Steg Family Blog came to visit us at our Papa and Grama Di's house. She is very nice. She gave Ewijah and me some race cars from the movie Cars. She gave each of us our own set of them. How cool is that? I had to wait to open them until my Daddy was done cutting my hair. He cut my hair and my Papa's hair. That was nice of him.
I look better with my hair cut.

Okay, my Mommy said I have to go to bed because my brother and I have not been feeling our best. So I'll sign out.

Night to everyone!

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