Sunday, April 16, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Happy Easter from the Kitsteiner Family!

What a beautiful Easter day we had here at the farm. Even better? Our friends Jake and Rana were here with us! (I'll include more pictures and video of them in an upcoming video.) For now, here were some quick pictures we took after church. We generally are not a "dress up for Easter" family, but somehow we pulled off something semi-dress-up-able.

Hannah has been BEGGING me to wear a dress. She's become obsessed with it. I actually didn't own a dress until the end of last year when, in preparation for a friend's wedding, I found this dress in EXTRA TALL! (Dresses are always a problem for me because they always hit me in a place that makes the dress look like it doesn't fit me.) We had to not go to the wedding because of Isaac's hospitalization, but I finally wore the dress! I wish I could have captured her fascination when I she saw what I was wearing. She was so excited!

On the way home from church, we found a field a few blocks from our house that was just too pretty not to try to snag a few pictures at. This was our attempt at a picture of the sisters. (The sun was posing a problem for my light-eyed children.)

Sidge has ALWAYS had trouble with the sun. In the Azores, our eye doctor (and friend!) told us that he has a high number of cones or rods (can't remember each one) with translated into sun issues. Anyways, check out this series of pictures. Specifically, keep your eye on our Sidge (yellow shirt.)

A semi-decent family photo. Although Sidge opened his eyes the MOMENT the picture was taken which left him looking like this:

Hannah eating some toast with jam after we got home.

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Kelli said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! What a beautiful place to take photos of your family! I also have a child that is light sensitive, but I have found that if I put the sun at her back, it helps a lot. Her face may be shaded a bit, but it is much better than her squinting! And depending on what camera (or phone) you are using, you may be able to adjust the exposure to the subject's face to make sure the face isn't too dark. I hope this helps! Keep those pics coming!