Wednesday, April 05, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Easter Smiles

Moving is tough. It is especially hard at holidays.

I remember that last Easter, I was still finding my footing in this new town -- my tenth move in twenty years. My kids desperately wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt. So I found one at a local church and we went.

But I felt so alone. JB was working. I didn't really have many good friends yet. And here I was just tagging onto a church's hunt not knowing a single person there. 

Fast forward one year. Our Homeschool Group decides to do their own hunt. We go. I know people. I have a village. I have community. It feels so wonderful to have that in this new place. We do live far away, but honestly, nearly everyone around these parts does. This is my home. I belong. 

I'm tearing up just saying that. It's one thing to find community in the temporary places you live. But when you find it in your forever place. 


Here are some pictures of our day.

They started the hunt with the oldest kids due to scheduling issues. The younger kiddos stayed inside to watch. That's Hannah in the red sweater standing on the ledge. And that's my Abigail in the pink pants. The two girls standing on either side of Abigail are two of our newest friends. They are Allie and Hailey. They are in public school and in Abigail's ballet, but they are going to be homeschooling next year and starting to get their feet wet. Abigail ADORES them. They are such a neat family, and I'm so excited we've started to become friends!

This is Hannah with her preschool hunt group.

Here's my K-2 kiddos. Isaac is third from left, Sidge is fourth from left, and Abigail is in the blue shirt next to her new friend. Abigail is actually in pre-kindergarten at home, but in co-op she is in Kindergarten.

Abigail and Hailey. Hailey is actually in fourth grade, but she has a great personality for Abigail -- both very soft and sweet. :)

Shocker. Hannah put this outfit together herself. It is an adorable Easter dress covered by a purple sequence top and a red sweater. She had socks on at one point. I have no idea where they are now.

Hannah picked her eggs based on what they looked like -- not proximity to her. Sparkly and cute were the winners.

My shirt which says "Raising My Tribe." I'm talking to my new friend Erin here. I really like her!

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