Thursday, April 20, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Rita, Joni and Bri come to the Bauernhof

So there a TON of wonderful pictures I wanted to include. Joni came to the farm. But this time she brought two incredibly special ladies: her sister, Rita, and Isaac's birthmom, Bri. This was their first time at the farm. And ohhhh man, was it awesome to have them here.

This is way more pics then I should include in a post, but I can't help myself. We had such a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Here I am checking out the sheep!

We found Hannah like this in preparation to go to bed. She actually slept like this all night.

Watching a storm roll in.

 I told Hannah to put some summer clothes on. This is what she came up with.

Ritter went on a hike with Joni, Rita, and me around the whole property.

At the end of our hike.

Joni has a great fear of snakes. The kids like to capitalize on this every trip.

Now that we are often having two WWOOFers here on the farm, our guests are staying in our camper. It is working out very well!

Opening some presents from the Rita/Joan/Bri combo.

Look at those roller coaster shirts!

With birthmom Bri. They really had such a great time together! Harry Potter is one of their favorite topics of conversation!

I love this picture of my little Hurricane.

Abigail with Auntie Rita.

Isaac and Bri!

Getting some rosemary out of the garden!

Playing Risk with our WWOOFer Leon.

This daffodil is growing by Scrubs' grave. Grama Kit. helped the kids plant these.


Red and Sampson. (Neighbor's dogs)

If you don't like cake (and can't eat it because of eggs), make up your own version. We decided to celebrate Isaac's birthday a bit early since we will be out of town for the real thing.

While on the hike with Rita and Joan, I tied off some markers. I have FINALLY found what I believe is the best path to get up to our ridge. So I wanted to share the path with people who visit. 

Rita and Joan may be in their 60's, but they are so amazingly young at heart. I can only hope I have their energy and zest when I am their age. WHAT FUN THEY BOTH ARE!!!

Rita. I am so glad that Joan has brought Rita into the life of our family. She is totally in with us forever now!

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