Friday, April 07, 2017

We Bought a Farm: My Six Week Break

But my life makes me tired.
And I need breaks.
I have decided that getting out weekly with girlfriends is not always possible.
And a regular date night with my husband isn't either.
But every 6 to 8 weeks, I can get at least one day and hopefully one night off.
I have planned these with special people in my life.
Friendships that I am invested in and want to continue to nurture.
My friend Michelle has been my friend since we were five-years-old.
We were the maid/matron of honor in each other's wedding.
We are connected for life.
I love her.
She now lives just five hours from me.
(That's close in USA distance!)
So we met for a nice and a delightful Bed & Breakfast about 2.5 hours from both of us.
Here is a photo of us at a dinner for just grown-ups:

The only issue was that I had NO idea the country roads I would be traveling were so bad. It wasn't snowing by me. It wasn't snowing where I was going. But apparently it was snowing between here and there:

When I pulled into town, some guy stopped me and asked where I had been. I couldn't figure out why he asked that until I got out and saw the mess of my truck. (I was SO glad I had taken the truck!)

So thankful for my "Tier 1" people.
The women in my life who are in my intimate circle.
They are "my people."
I love them.
While I did get the flu right after this trip ...
It was a BLAST!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!!! I love you!!!