Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jake & Rana visit the Bauernhof

We had such a WONDERFUL time with our friends from Turkey here. Rana is Turkish and her husband Jake is an American. They met and fell in love in Turkey. She is from a Christian Turkish community. When we left Turkey, they did too, relocating by Jake's family in Minnesota. 

It was SOOOO wonderful to catch up with them here. Jake has a keen love of permaculture, and Rana, who is not an outdoor gal by nature, truly loved the farm.


Going to get eggs

Mia with a baby lamb

Aksel with a baby lamb.

This age boy just LOVES farming! Any 9-13 year old boy on our farm BEGS me to put them to work.

We spent an afternoon at Yoder's Country market where they were selling handmade donuts and ice cream outside. YUM!

Rana cooked for us! Manti and Lahmachun -- my two FAVORITE Turkish meals!

Rana speaking in Turkish for us on camera!

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