Friday, April 14, 2017

Joia and her brood visit the Bauernhof

Joia became my friend when we were stationed together on Eglin Air Force Base in 2007. I actually looked back, and Joia has been featured (or at least named) on 330 posts on my Blog since 2003. Pretty impressive. (It is especially easy to check this since her name is so unique to her!)

This was the first post I ever mentioned her name on. At this time, we were still childless, and Joia's Keenan (who is now 10) was just 3 months old!

Joia was always a "steady" friend for me. I realize I need one of those everywhere I go. She is so loyal and so easy-going, and so comfortable to be around. She just fits like a comfy pair of pajamas. She also truly tried to understand my infertility even though she hadn't experienced it and was really there for me during one of my most difficult years. (This was the year that followed our fourth failed IVF attempt and before we adopted Isaac.)

Anyways, here is a link to the post Joia did on her week here. I didn't want to recreate the whole visit, but I will share a few pictures from her time with us. (These are ALL stolen from the almighty-picture-taker-Joia.) 

This is Caleb who is a little bit younger than Abigail (5).

Moriah is 8. She was born six weeks before Sidge when we lived on Eglin. While Abigail is only 5, these two were TIED AT THE HIP the entire visit. They absolutely loved being together.

Going to get eggs!

Moriah is such a fun girl. She even handled connecting with a fence on a bike incredibly well.

Arabelle is doing SO GREAT off-leash on the farm. Ritter can't be out like she can yet, but this dog is proving to be one amazing specimen.
The boys got along fabulously and played a ton in the house on board games and outside on the farm.

 I took Joia and her three kids and my Hannah on a hike t the top of the ridge.

Joia and me.

This was Hannah's first time making it to the top of the ridge. While she complained most of the way up (and down!) she was incredibly proud that she managed the 400 foot elevation change to the top.

Making grilled cheese for an army.

John made this!

My husband isn't in the kitchen nearly as much as I would like anymore :)

Teaching Keenan piano maestro. Joia's two oldest children are taking piano too!

Checking on our three sheep that we have had to section off due to misbehavior. :)

Our WWOOFer Amy taking Keenan and Moriah to help move sheep.

Our group by the chickens.

Cute pic!

Love this pic!


Love this pic of Moriah and Abigail hanging out on our landing upstairs.

Another GREAT farm picture.

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