Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recital Day!

Last night was our piano recital. Prior to heading out, Abigail practiced her song while dressed in her recital outfit:

First up, Abigail:

Next up, Sidge who actually said to me afterwards, "Mom, I think that was really fun."

Time for Isaac, who told me before he played: "I have a feeling I'll make more mistakes on the stage then I do at home." He did two songs:

And then better-put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is-Wendi. Man did I not want to do this. But I'm proud I did it:

And since Joni couldn't play at the recital, we gave her a song to work on since the last time we saw her. She knocked it out of the park:

Here's a picture of all of the students with their books:

And with Joan, her big sister Rita, and birthmom Bri:

1 comment:

Joia said...

Sooo happy to see/hear that the piano recital went so well! I had been thinking about it several times! =)

You all did wonderfully!! Great job getting up there, Wendi, you're an inspiration!

Isaac, nothing slows you down, dude - beautiful playing!!