Saturday, April 01, 2017

We Bought a Farm: When you know you are doing the right thing

Oh this video makes me SOOOOOO happy. It tells me, without a doubt, that we are doing the right thing by bringing these "strangers" to our home to help us on our farm.

I have my doubts sometimes. I wonder if this is a good idea. These are people we don't know, and we have young children.

But we keep feeling the Lord telling us: "Keep going." And so we do. These are people who are very different from us with varied pasts and lives.

Jesus said that his greatest commandment was to love one another. And so that is what we are trying to do, in a very small way.

Jordan was one of our very favorite WWOOFers (Although I feel all of our WWOOFers is our favorite in a different way.) He offered us so much love and kindness and simply became immediately nestled in all of our hearts.

When Jordan left we gave him a very small monetary gift as we knew he was traveling with NO money. We just wanted to make sure he could get to his next place and not be hungry.

You will hear in this video that he didn't feel he could spend that money. So he found another family in Mexico to give that money to!

He has started a Facebook page, and I think he is starting a journey to travel around without money and help different people.

What a life!

We are so honored to have had our paths cross and look forward to following more of his life.

P.S. We are also INCREDIBLY excited about the possibility of beginning to have native people come to our farm to train in Permaculture. We are in talks with Dr. Chris from Faith Alive in Nigeria to have two Nigerian men come and stay with us to learn and take that knowledge back to their homes! This was the organization JB and I did a month-long mission trip with before we had children. Stay tuned!

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