Sunday, April 09, 2017

We Bought a Farm: The Birder (P.S. It's not me)

My husband posted this on Facebook this past week:

I happened to spot a flash of yellow and gray out the kitchen window this morning. I quickly rushed out of the room.
I'm pretty sure I left my wife at the breakfast table while I was mid sentence. I vaguely remember her sitting there with a confused look on her face and fork frozen halfway to her mouth.
As I opened the door as quietly as possible with binoculars in hand, my wife smirked and rolled her eyes.
Once outside I spotted my first Pine Warbler... ever! Actually, it was a pair, male and female. Beautiful!
(photos from Audubon)

Folks, my husband is addicted to birds. There is nothing else I can say about this. Our dining room has all windows, and it is a great place to see birds. He sits and eats with binoculars around this neck. (I am not making this part up at all.)

We have decided it is not the best place to try to have deep conversations. He is constantly glancing over my shoulder and standing up to look at something, and flipping through his birding book.

(Did you know there is a whole book on WARBLERS?) (JB actually said I bought him this book. I have no recollection of that. It was probably on his Amazon wish list.) (But seriously? One whole book on ONE TYPE of bird?!)

P.S. Abigail is already a birder, and I fear I am losing Sidge. 

(I'm trying to love them. Or at least appreciate them. I really am. I just don't have the same response to a bird.)

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