Thursday, April 13, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Easter egger with NEW friends

I'm so excited about a new family that we've connected with here. Their daughters were in ballet with my girls, and when they decided to homeschool, they reached out to me for some direction. They are finishing out the school year but will then be joining our homeschool community! We've now had them out to our farm two times, and Abigail just absolutely loves to play with both of them. We had a little easter egg hunt in our yard after dinner. Here are a few pics of our evening:

As I've discussed on my Blog previously, I use any excuse I can to have an Easter Egg Hunt. My kids love them, and you don't have to put candy in them to have fun.

May I just say that easter egg hunts in the south are very different from how I experienced them in previous locations?! When we did easter egg hunts in other locations they actually hid the eggs. Here they usually just spread them out on a grassy place and you race to get as many as you can. 

So when we do egg hunts in our yard I really HIDE them. The kids end up finding them around our three acres of fenced yard for days and weeks to come :) It's a ton of fun.

And I'm actually going to, some day, do a BIG hunt on the farm. I mean I couldn't do it on the whole 100-acres, but definitely on a bigger section. It would be a blast!

We are excited about our friends Jake and Rana joining us for the Easter weekend. And yes, we plan on doing another egg hunt (and eating some delicious Turkish food!)

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swisherhouse said...

Just so you know. . . I grew up in TN, and the adults of my childhood hid the eggs!!! I just took my grandchildren to an egg hunt at our church on Wednesday night, and the eggs were scattered across the grass as you described, and, of course, it was no "hunt" at all! As a child, I remember finding eggs up high maybe in a knot of a tree, tucked inside items within the yard, or even under a clump of grass slightly turned up and placed back over an egg on the ground. So fun! In my creaky senior citizen voice, I say that we try to make everything too easy for the younger generation and cheat them of fun and, in more serious concerns, a chance to grow! So glad that your four get to enjoy the real fun of an egg hunt!