Friday, March 07, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt a month early

One activity we have LOVED to partake in here on the island are Easter Egg Hunts. We do them as often as we think of it with whatever spare candy is lying around the house. I give the eggs I kept from last Easter to the kiddos, they fill up and close the eggs themselves, and then I go out and hide them for a hunt. With such an incredible garden at our fingertips, it makes for a way fun time.
Of course, truth be told, Easter Egg Hunts are very emotional. Someone is always finding more than someone else, sharing is encouraged, someone cries because someone else grabbed the egg they were looking right at but didn't see ... you know, that sort of thing. But all-in-all, it's a fun event that usually kills a good hour of our day!
With Joni here, we got some pictures of our fun morning:
A picture before the "ready, set, go." Sidge cracks me up. He cannot handle sun in his eyes AT ALL. I think it's the light eyes as I have trouble with that as well.

3, 2, 1 ... go!!!!!

Joni bought these Easter egg baskets for the boys years ago, and they continue to use them all the time. I need to get something good for Abigail as I just gave her an old gift bag ...

Superman (aka "Sidge") finding an egg. On this particular day, he was the one doing the most whining because he wasn't finding as many.

Isaac was the best sharer on this day. He was helping his brother and sister and even giving away eggs -- just being incredibly kind.

Abigail with her Easter egg "basket" (and her skirt that is a little too big.)

I still sometimes have to pinch myself that we have had this beautiful garden as our backyard for the last two years. What an incredible place for our kids to spend their childhood. (Is it funny that I don't even notice that my kids have costumes on anymore? It's just such a part of our everyday here.)

Sidge getting poked a bit in his quest for an egg!

Eating the Valentine's Day Hearts after the hunt.

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Anonymous said...

My boys loved costumes too. Wore them all the time. I'd get them dressed in the morning and before I knew it they were in costumes. Mitchell even got really creative. He liked to dress up as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. So he'd dig out some brown pirate pants from an old costume, grab a jammy top that was green and put it on backwards (it was a hulk shirt) and then sneak into my make-up and give himself wiskers. Peter was usually Batman.