Monday, March 03, 2014

K.I.S.S.: A box to go out

I keep a box in my house that is simply for things we no longer want.  Anytime the kids outgrow something or I notice they aren't playing with something, I put it into the box.

I am, honestly, putting stuff into this box on a daily basis. I am continually looking for things that can go into this box. Sometimes I will go through my closet or the kids' closets or the kids' toys just to find things to go into this box.

If we are bringing stuff into out home regularly, then stuff must be leaving our home regularly. 

Right now, I am taking these things and selling them at a monthly yardsale on Base. I am giving the money I make to Because of Isaac. 

I truly believe that regular purging is the only way to keep you house, especially one with children, from running over. Organization has truly been my saving grace in this life of moving and many children!

P.S. have a K.I.S.S idea? Please email them to me at!

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