Monday, March 24, 2014

Facebook Conversation

Every once in awhile, a conversation ensues on Facebook that is worth of repeating. Here was one that I started that I wanted to keep for posterity's sake:

Question: If husband (John Kitsteiner) forgets to bring a towel into the shower and wonderful wife (ME!) lovingly brings him one when he yells, whose fault is it that he must emerge from the bathroom wrapped in a pink Minnie Mouse towel? Husband or wife?

My Facebook replies were included below:

  • Husband!
  • I say HIS. He's the ONLY one in your house that is big enough to wipe his bottom, his nose, and remember a towel WITHOUT you.
  • His of course!
  • I'd say he might be fending for himself next time!
  • It's Minnie Mouse or birthday suit. That's what I'd tell my husband anyway. Haha!
  • Good thing he didn't ask for
  • What, no picture for facebook??
  • I agree. Where are the pics?
  • I did this to Connor the other day. Pink princess towel. The kind with the hat and the top was a crown. Hehehe. Love it!
  • From our neighbor Rebekah: Tell him a real man would have dried off and emerged sans towel...
  • Shhhhhhh, i bet he was hoping for "minnie" anyhow!
  • From me: No pictures ... But I wish you coulda seen his face when he came out ... Not happy
  • Beggers can't be choosey.
  • Husband!
  • We had a good laugh about this!! At least he had the option of a towel. You could have handed him a washcloth or hand towel.
  • Hubby. But who cares? Pink should no longer be a big deal to a dad!!!
  • Awwww, I hope you said this in response to his grumpy face: "Bless your heart." snicker
  • Hands down, this is the best Facebook post and conversation I've seen all week.
  • This made me cackle out loud!
  • Your house must be an interesting place! Lol
  • His fault. Beggars can't be choosers or complainers.
  • You are 100% correct!
  • Husband--he knew he was getting in the shower!
  • My brothers' response: Yet another wife emasculating her husband. Not mine though...she never does that to me.
  • I laughed out loud.
  • BRILLIANT!! you do have your ways don't you Wendi?
  • Lol...I really was!!!
  • Lmbo!!!!! Sorry Dr.K but that's your fault!!!!! Love it Wendi!!!! Lmbo
  • I think it is always husband's fault, whatever the situation is.
  • JB's response: I had no problem with the Minney Mouse towel. My manhood is not contingent upon the material with which I dry myself. Going sans towel was not really an option as we have neighbors that frequently and randomly barge in unannounced (not naming names). And to all you asking for photos... I avoid them as much as possible. I try not to lead others to the sin of lust if I can help it. In closing, I feel obliged to add that this is irrefutable proof that my wife is a punk.
  • Mother-in-law's response: Ok, now you've done it- thrown out the "p" word! I've intentionally kept out of this-though it's been quite funny:) but since you said the afore mentioned, I think you should get your own towel in the future! You have an incredible gift of observation, so I suggest you check for a towel before turning on the shower! And don't worry about the neighbors, they love to laugh:) But certainly don't exit the room in your birthday suit because you have young daughters in the house. The boys think you a super hero whether you have a towel -or cape- on, but little girls are different creatures and it might shock their sensitivities. Well, maybe not Abigail-she'd just do the same thing and point to you when Wendi asked her why she was running around without any clothes on!!:)
  • My mom's response: Personally, I'm shocked JB forgot a towel!

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