Sunday, March 09, 2014

What face is this?

This is the face of a little girl that just got diagnosed with the running-rampant-on-Base-illness Hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Really hoping the other kiddos don't catch it! Joni and I went to the library's story time on Wednesday with all the kiddos. Hannah started acting really funny -- gagging and having trouble catching a breath. We brought her up to the Clinic where Dr. Storey decided to do a chest x-ray for the off chance that she had put something in her mouth that shouldn't be there. X-ray was fine, but she was running a fever and not looking good. A day later, the hand-foot-and-mouth reared it's head. Apparently, however, all these bumps are pretty mild according to Dr. Daddy. Supposed to avoid other kiddos for about a week!

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Dr. Linda said...

It's Abigail's pouty face!