Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I brought Joni to the boys' tennis lesson. Since she is a tennis player (and a huge tennis lover) she was excited to go (and very willing to take some pictures and videos.) This is probably more than anyone wants to see, but as I have mentioned often, this Blog is for my personal record of my kiddos growing up. I truly have a goal to keep this blog going until the day I die -- and I look forward to being able to glance back and find details of our life here.

This particular day, their usually 6-8 kid group was only the 2 of them. This made it especially nice because they could have the entire lesson in English instead of a Portuguese lesson with smidges of English. 

It was also the first day that Sidge really seemed to connect with the ball. Very fun!

And some videos:

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islandgal said...

Love the Tennis.

How about a picture of Gramma K. back safe and sound?

Love, her Sister