Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exciting News

Firstly, the big news!

JB found us a house!

Our house in America in an American neighborhood with American sidewalks and a Target closeby.

Fast food too.

We didn't think we'd get a house while he was home in the USA. Most of the realtors we spoke with said that they wouldn't rent us a place if we were within greater than 3 weeks of arriving. But JB decided to ask a realtor to look anyways. She found four houses that fit our needs.

One was rented by the time JB could look at them. Another was just not the right house. But there were two others that really seemed like they would work for us.

One of the houses was a PERFECT fit for us. When we get our land, JB's parents are hoping to have their own place on the land. But during this interim period that we will be attempting to find land, we will all be living together. We were therefore really hoping for a house that would give both families the privacy they needed despite being under one roof. This house was perfect! JB's parents will have their own little "oasis" which is what I really hoped for.

And that's not the only exciting news in our family.

Are you ready for this?

This morning, at church, Abigail ... drum roll please ... went to Children's Church.

I kid you not.

Both our Base in Turkey and our Base here at Lajes did not have childcare for kids under 1 year old. The Base here does not have childcare for children under three. For that reason, Abigail has had ZERO practice at going anywhere with "strangers." Technically, she is still a few months too young for Sunday School, but I asked her this morning if she'd like to go with her brothers and, randomly, she said yes!

It was so cute to watch them each holding one of her hands as they headed down the hallway. I followed her out and spoke with the teacher. For a moment, Abigail considered balking at her commitment, but then she took Ms. Tina's hand and was off.

Tina said she did great. Other than giving her a HUGE pouty face when she found out there was not a snack, she did awesome. And her brothers said they helped take care of her.

So excited about our house and our growing little girl!


Anonymous said...

We knew she'd do it! She just has to do it in her time! So great!!! Did you actually get to hear the sermon? mom

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yes Mom. I stayed in service with Hannah, and she let me hear it!