Saturday, March 08, 2014

A road trip

On Friday, Joni and I braved the elements and took a bit of a road trip. Since it's a very tiny island, road trips are, likewise, very tiny, but they are a road trip nonetheless. We went to the "Basketman" first. This is a Portuguese man who, for his entire life, has been making baskets by hand in his garage. The Americans are his only source of income, and he depends on them to buy his baskets. I went and ordered a ton of them -- wanting to have him finish them before we pack-out sometime in April. 

After that, we headed to Duck Pond/Lagoon/Lake. I gave all the kids some very old boxes of Cheerios. Sidge wanted to eat his more than give it to the ducks, but despite some bad weather, we managed to have a little picnic and spend some time feeding the ducks before heading home.

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Judy Woodford said...

Awww the last picture is the best, beautiful!!!