Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hubby is home

He's home.

Yesterday morning we picked up Grampa from the airport.

Last night we waited (not so) patiently for JB to come in on the military rotator. He came in. We hugged him a lot. He gave the kiddos presents (a Hulk and Ironman and Belle). We ate Indian food JB had cooked (and frozen) before he left. It felt so wonderful to have him with a kid on his arm.

So ... right.

Today the time changed in the Azores. We finally sprung forward.

And today we work like crazy people to get our house ready for the movers who will arrive on Tuesday.

Anyone who says, "Moving is easy in the military ... they move you" I say phooey!

The amount of work that goes into preparing for movers to come into your home is not for the faint of heart. We have four different "areas" that things can go into:

  • HHG: Household goods (the majority of stuff)
  • UB: Unaccompanied baggage (1,000 pounds of non-furniture)
  • Mail: Things we will keep with us and mail to ourselves in TN.
  • Luggage: Things that will fly on the rotator home with us at the end of May.
In the end, truthfully, all of our stuff will all end up where it is supposed to go. I must remember that.

I also wanted to share a fun bit of news. I was recently awarded Lajes "Spouse of the Month" for the month of February on the Base. Here I am with the Base Commander and to of the Commander wives.

Honestly, I really don't think I deserved this at all. The award was given for me helping to restart MOPs on the Base and for my work with Because of Isaac. I so appreciated the thanks though! I even got coined!

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