Thursday, March 20, 2014

Facebook is fast

A friend brought a bunch of princess stuff to MOPs the other day. Her girls had outgrown it, and she was giving it away. I quickly snagged these figurines for Abigail.
I brought them home.

But then a debate ensued.
Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) is one of Abigail's favorite princesses. I just let her watch the movie for the first time last night, she has a Belle dress, and therefore, is usually telling us to call her Belle.
In fact this morning she said to me: "I mad Isaac. Isaac not call me Belle. I not Ab-e-gel. I Belle."

I began telling Abigail who the princess were. I started with Ariel (far left) and moved my way down. Mulan, Sleeping Beauty (Peeping Pooty), Belle, Belle, Cinderalla and Snow White.
Belle Abigail became adamant that there couldn't be two Belles. But I was pretty sure that there was. So I posted this picture on Facebook. Within moments I had dozens of replies all echoing my sentiments. It was Belle, Christmas Belle to be exact. One friend even included a picture of the toy and it's name from the store.

Had it not been for Facebook, would I still be arguing with a two-year-old about the fact that she had two Belles? I have no idea. But I am constantly amazed at how different the world is with the Internet!
Here is Abigail and her friend Joel. My friend Rebekah took this picture and put it on Facebook with the caption: Joel and Abigail spend most of their time like this. With him staring her down and her playing as if she doesn't even notice.

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