Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Six months old

These were taken without the six month sticker being as we didn't plan on using them for six month pictures. But now, Hannah is six months today and the thought of going back and trying to take picture is a bit daunting so I think I am just going to use these.

First, three oldest kiddos took a picture in their Superhero costumes before we left for a Superhero birthday party on Base. (Note Daddy trying to make them smile).

Then baby Hannah was added to the mix.

And here she is at the birthday party. This was actually Abigail's 4T outfit but it fit okay with sleeves rolled up. What'd'ya think Ms. Patty and Mr. Meal? The outfit you gave Abigail fits her six month old sister.
Hannah is:
  • rolling all over the room.
  • Sitting up with us behind her in case she tips over. Tripod sit is less present.
  • Not crawling but rolling to her intended destination.
  • Getting up on all fours and rocking (a sure sign that crawling is coming soon!)
  • Chattering with a high-pitched yell -- especially in the car.
  • Taking approximately three naps per day (sometimes it is two if they are really long and occasionally she squeezes in a fourth)
  • A great sleeper! Usually down from 7pm to 6am without exception. Just lay her down and out she goes -- usually on her side.
  • Going with the flow. She just seems to accept that she is one of many in our house.
  • a lover of her family. Knows her siblings and parents. Smiles are bigger when they are near. Gets so excited when one of them comes up to her and starts talking to her.
  • Adored by Abigail. Seriously, Abigail is constantly telling me that Hannah is awake, Hannah is crying etc. Abigail sits by me when I feed her, tries to help change her diaper, play with her -- everything.
  • Drinking 6-8 ounces per feeding; usually doing about five feedings a day.
  • Not swaddling to sleep; We put her in a sleep sack because it is bit cold.
  • Loving to be held. Will cry if you walk by her and don't acknowledge her.
  • Not showing any major stranger anxiety. Not showing a preference for any certain person.
  • Using a pacifier at night and at naps. It is attached to her pink bunny and she seems to really love it.
  • Wearing size 9 month or 12 month clothes.
  • Starting to baby food -- mom is a bit lazy and she is a bit spastic when I try to feed her.
  • Sizeless currently. (I will update this after I get her in for her six month appt.)
Here is a look back Hannah month by month:
And here is a look at what her siblings were doing when they were six months old:

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Kiley said...

Your 6 month old is in the same size of my never going to grow 16 month old. At this rate Everly will still need a booster seat at 30. Compared to her 5 brothers and sisters she is tiny tiny tiny.