Monday, March 10, 2014

A quick update of what's going on:

So Grama Di is here. Scrubby has been in HEAVEN -- just putting his head on her lap whenever he gets the chance:

Joni and my Mom's visit will overlap a few days. Joni will soon head home, but my Mom is here another week. I'm not sure there can be anything better than two Gramas in the Azores for Scrubby to love on:

Joni and I did manage to finish our third puzzle (this one 500 pieces). We are starting a fourth, but I'm not sure we can get it done before Joni leaves early next week:

We said good bye this morning to our amazing Daddy. He is headed back to the States for three weeks to begin looking for a job and house for us and to take a class and to speak at a Permaculture Conference. As he was getting ready to board the flight, Isaac and Abigail both said they weren't feeling good. And by the time we got home, Sidge had fallen out too. We are pretty sure they have the hand/foot/mouth that Hannah has (which in older kids can just present itself as a bad cold):

I'm pretty sure that every single time the kids have had a bad illness, JB either gets it too and is incapacitated, or he is out of town. How's that for bad luck!? :)

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