Monday, March 03, 2014


Because Joni bought a "light fare" ticket, she couldn't take ANY luggage. So instead, she shipped herself a box a few weeks back. Included were some gifts for the kiddos that they had to wait to open until she got here!

Isaac absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES to play with food in his kitchen and to make it for us. It is quite funny because he doesn't want to help JB cook at all. Sidge, on the otherhand, loves to be Daddy's "shoe" chef but doesn't play in the kitchen much at all. I love how each of my children has such unique likes and gifts.

Who could have thought that Minnie Mouse panties could make one little girl's face light up so much. Abigail is so full of expression and wears her emotions on the tip of her sleeve. She has been so attached to Joni since she arrived.

Kitchen food for Sidge, while not totally his "thing" was still such an exciting gift. He loves everything!

A science project kit. Daddy looks like this will challenge even his science-oriented brain!

A princess dress means a great deal to this tiny princess!

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