Thursday, November 05, 2015

We Bought a Farm: A bit more action for me

Well, we just finished processing our second batch of chickens. In total, we did 88 chickens today. This will be our last batch until April. Next year, we plan to do about 1,000 chickens. But we will wait and see how much stamina we have.

Last time we processed, I managed to stay out of the actual "processing" part. But this time, I noticed that the men were backing up a bit, and I realized that it would be helpful if I could help with a step. 

They taught me how to cut off the feet, head, and the oil gland. 

I'll admit. It was not easy to do. It wasn't hard physically. But it was hard to get over the squeamishness that was brewing up inside me the whole time I was doing it.

But after a little while, I found my groove.

If you'd like some information on how we raise our chickens, and why we think they are one of the best chickens you can buy, click here. 

Also, while we cannot drive the meat over state lines to sell, anyone that lives within driving distance of us is welcome to contact us to buy some of our meat. We have already found quite a few regular customers and sold our first 50 without even trying. We really don't plan on doing any advertising and are just hoping to have our "regular" customers and stay with that.

The kids continue to do very well on processing days, but Sidge is, by far, the one that is the most excited. He actually woke up early this morning and came down and told us he had washed his face, his legs, and brushed his teeth in preparation for the day. He then worked, I mean, actually worked for EIGHT hours helping to catch chickens and then fish them out of the chill tank. He wouldn't even stop to eat!

A very hard but very fun family-filled day here at The Bauernhof! 

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