Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ten months old

Can't believe it whatsoever. Ten months old. Gee whiz. Our "little" Elijah is the 100+ percentile in weight, height, and no surprise here, head size.

In other news, our little Chubba-chubba #2:
  • Is walking nearly exclusively. If he is down on his hands and knees, he'll stop and get up to walk.
  • Will bend down to pick something up and stand up again.
  • Has seven teeth.
  • Has started clapping his hands (today!)
  • Does not have his "pincher" grasp quite yet but eats nearly all of his meals himself.
  • Hates to have his nose wiped and nearly hates having his face wiped as much.
  • Loves food of ALL kinds. Will eat nearly everything with incredible intent and determination.
  • Is incredibly strong. Holding him down for a diaper change takes nearly all of my strength.
  • Has just started bonding with Scrubs. He has figured out that Scrubs will lick him and Elijah loves that.
  • Is still a spazz. Constantly waving his arms, slapping things, hitting himself in the face with toys.
  • Hurts himself nearly once an hour. He plays so hard that he is constantly tipping something over on himself or falling into something.
  • Isn't saying any words yet but babbling quite a bit.
  • Is still incredibly passionate. Cries very hard.
  • Loves to snuggle. Always happy when being held.
  • Is enjoying being read to. Will sit very still for a book reading.
  • Splashes like crazy in the tub and constantly tries to stand up.
  • Definitely recognizes Daddy and Mommy but is still very content in anyone's arms as long as they will give him love.
  • Loves to play with the blinds and pull them off one by one.
  • Has "sort of" been doing the sign for bottle. It seems more than random, but we can't be sure.
  • Is drinking about 4, eight ounce bottles a day.
  • Cries to get his way. Isaac would often talk or chatter to get our attention, but Elijah definitely just starts to belt! In the morning he talks when he wakes up but from other naps, he turns on the tears.
  • Adores his big brother. Wants to be everywhere he is (which Isaac loves sometimes and doesn't like other times.)
  • Enjoys walks in the stroller.
  • Has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen!
  • Is incredibly ticklish everywhere.
  • Loves to play in the Tupperware cabinet with Isaac.
  • Uses a pacifier at bedtimes and sometimes in the car.
  • Will bolt through the laundry room door anytime it is open and go straight for Scrubs' water bowl. Unfortunately, this is one door Scrubs can open with his paw so my attempts to keep it shut often don't go as planned.
  • Has imprinted his little cuddly bruiser of a self on us permanently. Gosh we love that little boy!


Rachel and Hans said...

What a cutie! :-) Love reading all the fun things about him.

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

Great picture- love the list

Judy Woodford said...

He has always resembled his Dad to me but is starting to look more and more like a combination of the two of you... I can see Wendi now... = )

Judy Woodford said...

He has always resembled his Dad but is starting to look more like a combination of the two of you in my eyes at least... = )

Judy Woodford again said...

Sorry I thought the first one didn't print, and it didn't, but when I wrote the second one suddenly both were there... = ( I suppose I made my point... =)

Gramma di said...

O I love my boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! He's gotten so big. I can't believe that he's walking already. What a doll.