Friday, December 25, 2009

A very sick Christmas

Well folks. To say that we have a house full of sick people would sort of be an understatement. To say we have a house full of very sick people might be closer to the truth. My parents are well, my grandparents are recovering, but the four of us are, well, I hate to say it but pretty miserable. I think Elijah and JB are currently the worst of all. We are quite a sight for sore eyes. Despite our illnesses, here are some photos of our wonderful day with family including the highlight of the morning -- Isaac receiving his big wheel from Papa and Di!

We also finally got Scrubs catching his Frisbee on camera. It's a little hard to see, but he catches them both. He loves this and will play it and return it until he can't move any longer. You can also see Isaac in his big wheel in this photo.


Anonymous said...

awww !!! :(....sounds like it's been a sick Christmas for alot of people -well, it makes memories but you poor things!! Reminds me of our Christmas last year in TN w/ all kinds of flu going around after getting caught in an ice storm on the way ---and I still loved that Christmas! Get well soon! cepat sembuh! Tante Jan

Amy T. S. said...

Oh, I'm sorry you are sick. We've all been through it recently, too. Both boys had fevers (their firsts in forever) and very nasty colds. We're all recovering and I hope you are, too!

Merry Christmas, Kits!

Jess said...

Feel better soon!

Merry Christmas!

Joia said...

Sooo sorry to hear you've all been sick! How miserable! Hope you are all better SOON!