Saturday, January 02, 2016

Recommendation: Awesome Coloring Book!

Our Abigail loves to color. She colors often and frequently and is quite addicted to it!

She is very picky about what she colors, however. She doesn't want to just color any picture. She wants it to be the right picture.

For Christmas, I wanted to get her a really great coloring book. So I did some Amazon-scouring, and found this awesome coloring book: The Girls' Coloring Book. 

Not only was it priced great, but the pictures are just so fun to color. I actually love to sit down and color this book with her. The pages are also thick enough to handle her marker-coloring. (She will not color with crayons.) There is a tiny bit of soak-through but very little.

If you have a colorer in your life, give this book a try! Way fun! A huge recommendation from us.

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