Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Legos and Bald Eagles

Both the boys are currently obsessed with Bald Eagles. I am not exactly sure where the fascination started, but they just devour anything about Bald Eagles. Grama K. got each of the boys a tiny Bald Eagle stuffed animal for Christmas, and Isaac, the Lego king, declared it was one of his two favorite presents! They each have a number of Bald Eagle stuffed animals. There is actually a Bald Eagle store at Dollywood and a huge section of the park is devote to helping and raising Bald Eagles that can't be released into the wild. Sidge, our passionate little boy, can nearly tear up when talking about or seeing Eagles. (They have not seen one in the wild yet.)

These pictures are actually from a few months ago when the boys figured out how to build an Eagle with Legos. Love these pictures of my kiddos.

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