Friday, January 08, 2016

Friday Funnies

Sidge: "I think Hannah has a dirty diaper."
Hannah: "I don't have pooper doopers."
Me: "Hannah are you sure? Are you dirty?"
Hannah: "No. I don't have any pooper doopers."
Sidge: "But mom, her bottom looks really big. Much bigger than mine, and she is just a baby."


We got in a conversation about adoption in the van yesterday about adoption. I reminded the kids about a lot of adoption facts and then we started talking about people we knew who were adopted. One of the ones that cracked me up was a good friend of the boys who is black and has white parents. When I reminded them that he was adopted, they looked and me and said, "What? He is?" I love that kids don't have a clue and definitely don't pay attention to color!


Isaac: "You know those movies we watch that are sometimes for adults -- like Star Wars and The Princess Bride -- Well, when the adults are laughing, I don't always laugh because, well, I just don't get it."

Isaac: "Mom, sometimes, when you say uh huh or oooohhhh or ahhhhh when we tell you something, I think that maybe you are saying it but you don't really mean it and don't really care as much about what we are saying as you say when you say those words."


While putting Abigail to bed after her first experience with The Princess Bride:
JB: "Well, you know what?"
Abigail: "You have six fingers on your right hand?"


I wasn't feeling well and was going to lay down on my bed. Hannah asked if she could lay with me.
Me: "Okay. If you promise to not climb on me."
Hannah: "I promise."
Me: "Thanks."
Hannah: "I double promise." (Guess she learned that from her big siblings.)


Abigail: "How do you like my lego creation, Sidge?"
Sidge: "I like it. Sometimes I say I like it when I really don't. But this time I really mean it."


And a bit more from Hannah:

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