Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fun Friday = First Hair Cut

I've had a very traumatic relationship when it comes to motherhood and hair cuts. I won't get into it all here. You can click here for a past post I wrote on how challenging hair cuts were as a mom of boys. 

(Traumatic might be too simplistic a word. My boys were ridiculous when it came to hair cuts. They would lose their minds! They would rather, and I kid you not, go to the dentist, then get their hair cut.)

But my girls have never blinked. Is this a gender-specific problem? I have no idea.

Abigail has gotten her hair cut a few other times, but we decided it was time for Hannah to get her first trim. Since there is a great kids salon right down the road from my parents' house, I decided to give it a whirl. The girls were champs! They both did so well, and Hannah wasn't fazed at all by her hair cut experience. I even got a few snaps:

Yes, that is glitter. I guess it was part of the "experience." The girls loved it!

Since the boys were spending two nights at Joni's, I made a total day of it with the girls. We did hair cuts and then went and hand lunch at Panera and wandered around Target. (Just because we COULD!) 

Then we went and visited Aunt Danielle at her school. After that, we went and saw Matt & Danielle's new house and finished the day by ordering Indian food (YUM!!!!!!!!) with my parents and Matt & Danielle.

(I really appreciate the fact that both sides of our families know each other so well and we can intermingle so easily.)

It was a great day!

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