Friday, January 08, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Geese Finds a Toy

It is hard to hear me in this video because the darn geese are so stinkin' loud, but here is a short video of our geese -- who found one of the kids toys that they were playing with in the driveway. All the other geese were chasing him for a bit, trying to get the toy (food?) from him.

We normally do not have the ducks and geese free ranging in our yard. However, after we lost three ducks to a predator, we decided to move them to the yard for a few days in order to protect them and regroup. We are pretty sure the predator was a hawk -- who can easily get over electric fence. He won't be as likely to come by our house, and there are a lot of areas for the birds to hide and protect themselves here. We also thought it would be good if he didn't find the birds in the same spot so easily again.

We plan to move them back down to their fencing in a day or two. We aren't sure this idea will actually stop the hawk from returning, but we thought we'd give it a try.

You can see why we don't keep them by our house more. They poop SO much and tend to want to stay on the pavement and poop there all the time. In addition, the ducks put huge holes in the ground as they look for bugs/worms. The geese are great lawnmowers, but they are a bit crabby and were chasing Hannah at one point.

One thing we are so thankful about is that Scrubs totally ignores the birds! We are so happy about this as we didn't know how he would react to the birds when we brought them in.

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