Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let the games begin

***** Update *****

As suggested by a reader in a comment, I was VERY leery about potty-training my strong-willed child. I had decided to do a two-day trial run and see how things went. If it went badly, I would scrap the idea and try again in three months.

Well, so far, fingers crossed, the little lady has it nearly completely figured out. In fact, we went to church, I put her in a pull-up, asked her not to go in it, and she didn't. She waited until we got home and went promptly to the potty.

We will see how well this continues but for now, this little chik-a-dee is proving that, in fact, I was right all along. She was ready for this a long time ago.

I just wasn't.

Potty Training Time
I am not ready for this.
I do not want to do this.
My desire is low.
Her desire seems lower.
I've never potty trained a strong-willed child.
I have doubts.
But it is time.
Potty chair. 
Lots of juice. 
New mermaid panties. 
No rugs. 
Watching movies.
It's time.
I think.


Melissa said...

Good luck! I have potty trained a strong willed child. My only advice...wait until she asks. If she doesn't have the desire, then you are setting up a disaster. I wish that I heeded my own advice. I could have saved myself many stand-offs.

Melissa said...

Great news!! Hope things keep moving forward. :)